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I've been a Spanish language teacher for over eight years. I have got a vast experience in language acquisition, teaching methods and adapting courses to the needs of students.  Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language is a passion for me. I'm very happy to help my students to improve, learn and discover my native language and my culture in a structured, fun and enjoyable way.


    qualifications and experience


2016 -  Spanish teacher, tutoring in Lausanne and online (Skype & Google Hangouts) for adults and adolescents.
            Some websites where I work for: VerbalplanetItalkiLiveLinguaVerbling, Langu et Myngle
2011- 2016  Spanish teacher, tutoring in Brussels and online (Skype & Google Hangouts) for adults and adolescents.
October-November 2015 Training for DELE C1-C2 examiners. Instituto Cervantes. Hamburg
October-November 2013 Training for DELE B1-B2 examiners. Instituto Cervantes. Hamburg
2007-2011 Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language in a Language school.
                  Teaching experience to all levels, age groups and specialized courses (Spanish for lawyers and doctors).
July-August 2008 Training for Spanish teachers. International House. Costa Rica
2004-2009 Degree in Spanish Philology. Universidad de Costa Rica. Costa Rica




My teaching approach is based on the communicative method known as the language immersion. This means that the courses are taught entirely in Spanish, even for beginners. During the course, the grammar will be covered in a dinamic way. Subsequently, the student will apply what has been learned through conversations related to different topics from daily life. To ensure the continuity of learning, the student will receive "homework" at the end of each lesson to be done for the next lesson. 



Studying with Carlos is a pleasure. Each week I look forward to the assignment and enjoy the preparation. The classes go by quickly and always give me some good laughs and plenty to think about and work on. I would recommend him as a teacher to anyone"

Margie / USA

J'ai acquis les bases grammaticales et de vocabulaire assez rapidement (6 mois seulement), plus rapidement que certaines connaissances qui suivent des cours en groupe."

Pauline /Belgium

Overall, I am very happy, it's been great getting to know you and I am very happy to be accomplishing my dream of speaking Spanish"

Adrian / Canada

Gracias Carlos, las clases me sirvieron muchísimo y las pude aplicar cada día durante mi viaje, y así mejorar. Hoy manejo el español como si fuese mi segundo idioma"

Olivia / Belgium

Carlos is one of the best teachers on the market today, especially for high-advanced students. His classes are always rich and memorable"

Dwayne / USA

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