My teaching method is based on total immersion (communicative approach).

This method let the student to put into practice the four basic skills of the learning process at any time: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

If you already have a knowledge in Spanish, I'll invite you to take a placement test before our first course to better understand your needs.

From the first course we'll establish together your goals and the pace of the learning progression to better meet your expectations.

Listening & Speaking
These skills will be developed by the conversational exercises directly with the teacher about various subjects. This method will be enhanced by all audiovisual media available, such as: movies, songs, shows, TV series, ...
Reading & Writing
Reading will help you to improve writing and expand your vocabulary. Therefore we will base our courses on extracts from books, newspapers, magazines, etc., of course, depending on your level and your interests. In order to deepen these skills, many "homework" will be given.

Would I need a book for the course?

A few days before the lesson, all the necessary documents will be sent by email,

such as grammar and exercises so that you can be prepared in advance.




For the Spanish

lessons online

Individual lessons

General or specialized courses of 90 minutes for individuals.

one lesson = 50 CHF

package of ten lessons = 450 CHF

one lesson = 45 CHF

package of ten lessons = 400 CHF

At the moment, we're organising the conversation lessons only online.

If you want to join a lesson, visit the website for the Spanish lessons online by clicking here

General or specialized courses of 90 minutes for groups.

one lesson = 75 CHF

package of ten lessons = 700 CHF

one lesson = 70 CHF

package of ten lessons = 650 CHF

If the group is conformed by 3 or more people, contact me.

During our courses, you will learn and practice grammar and conversation with diverse and interactive exercises.

The documents and the lesson plan will be sent in advance by email.

What makes us 
Courses prices are pretty affordable compared to other tutors on the language market 
Schedule flexibility is a highly valued aspect that our students like a lot
Each lesson has a duration of 90 minutes because we believe this is the perfect time to learn without losing concerntation
Our students appreciate the weekly message they get as a reminder of homework and topics to study on the next lesson
The teacher is a SPANISH LANGUAGE PROFESSIONAL with experience both as a teacher and as a student of several languages
(French, English, German, Dutch, Greek and Chinese). Unlike many tutors on the market,
Carlos is not only a native speaker but also an EXPERT in Spanish Language and Literature
Participation Certificate ?
A participation Certificate  can be delived after passing two exams: written and oral. This certificate shows the achieved level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2.