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May 15, 2018



Dear visitor,


If you’re here, exploring my blog, I suppose you’re one of those looking for good deals, excellent prices, and savvy ideas when it comes to travelling abroad or in your own country.


I currently live in Switzerland for almost 2 years, before I lived in Belgium for about 4 years. I can tell I know both countries quite well even though I know I have much and much more to explore.


Belgium was my first experience as an expat. Living in Brussels opened my mind to the world. As an international city, hosting around 180 nationalities, and capital of the European Union, Brussels has a lot to give and to explore. When I was living there, I could host many of my friends, letting them know the city from A to Z. 


However, while in Switzerland, I have noticed that less people wants to come to visit this amazing country. And I always wondered why this happened.


The reason?


Switzerland is considered as one of the most expensive countries in the world. It’s even more expensive than Norway and Iceland (Eurostat, 2017), making Switzerland the most pricey country in Europe in terms of cost of living.


According to a survey by Mercer (cost of living for expats, 2017) “only three European cities remain in the top 10 list of most expensive cities for expatriates. Zurich (4) is still the most costly European city on the list, followed by Geneva (7) and Bern (10)”. All of them in this Alpine country. 


However, these exorbitant prices are not surprising when people realise that the average salary is about 6500 Swiss Francs (5450 Euros). According to OECD statistics, it's the 3rd country in the world with the highest average wage; according to Forbes, it's the 1st. But don't get fooled by this high amount, as I said, it's an expensive country for residents, and unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees. 


For tourist, Swiss cities remain on the top lists of pricey hotels and restaurants in the world with an average of 180 Swiss Francs (152 Euros) per day only for food and accommodation per person, in a mid-range travel style. Switzerland appears to be a very expensive destination.


With this “bad reputation” as an expensive place to live and to travel, why should tourist visit?


Well, just because it’s worth it! A lot!


Switzerland has it all: mountains, snow, landscapes, adventure, relaxation, lakes, forest, incredibly developed tourist infrastructure, architecture, and … with a long history of neutrality, not being involved in recent wars, old cities are preserved, castles are all over in their original aspect. This crossover between modernity and tradition is stunning.


Not enough?


On top of that, it’s a extremely safe and clean country with a very high quality of life compared to its neighbouring countries. In general, people are polite, customer service does exist and things work.


Although it has been pointed as a destination for retired, rich, wealthy or business people, it is absolutely possible to explore this amazing country without having to break your piggy bank or going into bankruptcy to reach it.


That’s my main goal with this blog: sharing my experience of travelling across Switzerland and the world on a reasonable budget, finding deals and good prices for transportation and accommodation and also giving you tips on how to find by yourself the best value holidays, by providing you with tips and tools.


Additionally I’ll be keeping you updated with valuable deals, photos and ideas during my trips to other countries. And also for countries I have visited or lived before, such as Belgium and Costa Rica.


Welcome on board!

I hope you will enjoy the trip!


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