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each lesson includes grammar and conversation. you don't need a book because all the necessary documents will be sent to you in advance


get ready to pass this International Spanish Test. I'll give tips to succeed , we'll analyze videos and practice all the skills through focussed activities 


one-on-one lessons with a professional tutor are great to improve your fluency and vocabulary by getting instant corrections and feedback

Spanish for business

are you an entrepreneur? after learning general Spanish you can specialize your knowledge in business vocabulary and conversation topics

Spanish for medical

want to get to know your patients better? or just a more efficient communication with them? improve your skills in this area !

What you get:
  • All the materials needed to improve your skills (grammar, paper exercises, online exercises and activities, leveled books, etc.)
  • A great variety of activities (videos, music, websites, etc.)
  • Schedule flexibility and advantageous cancellation policies (until 12h before the lesson).
  • Individual monitoring and feedback of your progress by an experienced teacher.
  • A good motivation to continue your Spanish learning!

Spanish teacher and lessons

I've been a teacher of Spanish since 2007, that's why I've got a lot of experience in curriculum design according to my students specific needs. I enjoy teaching therefore I have a good attitude and humor during the lessons, this also encourage my students to feel confortable and always motivated. 
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